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Creativity from a 5 Year Old

As a mother of two, I was horrified that I would become one of those people that had kid’s stickers on my car windows or a stuffed animal on my dashboard, so I tried to remain a “cool” parent. Limiting art & creativity to certain “spaces”, but stifling my child’s creativity for my own selfish image didn’t seem right either.  Guilty, I broke down. Just went with it and watched how far she would take it. The colors, slices of little tiny papers, tape everywhere, and what a mess. But she was delighted and blossoming. I guess it is how your find yourself and your voice, so how could I stop that?

After going thru reels of recycled paper, here’s are some design tips I learned from my daughter:

  • More is always better.
  • Use color and lots of it.
  • There are many meanings of the word “beautiful”
  • Rainbows are always cool.
  • Everyone has there own style

    I try and celebrate her free spirit and desire to create, create and create. Her endless ideas and willingness to experiment inspire me everyday

    So find your inner 5 year old and start creating today!

A Dedication

This site is a dedication to everything I have been given. I feel so grateful and truly lucky to have so much, when some have so little. To the tiny voices I hear everyday calling my name, to the sweet smell of the man who loves me, and to all the wonders this world has. Thank you.

You have to go through the smoke to get to the fire.
– Sada, Geerowol Tribe

Stayed tuned. More coming soon.