One Minute Online

One minute or 60 seconds online may not seem like a lot of time. The Big Picture has put together an infographic to show exactly how much activity occurs online every 60 seconds.

Facebook is a busy bee hive of activity with almost 700,000 new status updates and 80,000 wall posts generating 510,000 comments.  Chances are this volume will grow as Facebook continues to expand its data center capabilities outside of the U.S.

This Big Picture view illustrates some interesting findings.  First, there are almost as many Google searches conducted every minute as there are Facebook status updates.  And email seems alive and well with almost 170 million emails sent every minute.  The reason these findings are interesting is that there are those who are advancing the idea that both ‘search’ and ‘email’ is becoming dead-in-the-water as a result of social media.  This isn’t to say that social media – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – aren’t having an impact on search and email.  Only that both email and Google appear a long way from dead.

There is also the growing YouTube phenomenon where 600 videos are uploaded and 13,000 iPhone apps are downloaded every minute.  At the same time Twitter tweets 98,000 messages.

There’s a lot going on in one minute online.



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