Creativity from a 5 Year Old

As a mother of two, I was horrified that I would become one of those people that had kid’s stickers on my car windows or a stuffed animal on my dashboard, so I tried to remain a “cool” parent. Limiting art & creativity to certain “spaces”, but stifling my child’s creativity for my own selfish image didn’t seem right either.  Guilty, I broke down. Just went with it and watched how far she would take it. The colors, slices of little tiny papers, tape everywhere, and what a mess. But she was delighted and blossoming. I guess it is how your find yourself and your voice, so how could I stop that?

After going thru reels of recycled paper, here’s are some design tips I learned from my daughter:

  • More is always better.
  • Use color and lots of it.
  • There are many meanings of the word “beautiful”
  • Rainbows are always cool.
  • Everyone has there own style

    I try and celebrate her free spirit and desire to create, create and create. Her endless ideas and willingness to experiment inspire me everyday

    So find your inner 5 year old and start creating today!

About lianapasqual

Love, green living, simplicity & hope

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